Tradition Textiles
Wax Care

Most people assume that all textiles can be washed or dry cleaned which is only partly accurate.

Martexin Original Wax is a highly specialized textile that precludes normal cleaning. Just as you wouldnt wash fabric upholstery or a leather product such as shoes, gloves, or jackets, you wont be able to wash or dry clean your Martexin Original Wax. Wax fabrics have been successfully used for many years without washing.

A periodic cleaning with a hose, damp cloth or soft scrub brush for heavy dirt is all that is needed. Your shower works equally as well. Sometimes a mild bar or flake soap (not detergent) or even Saddle soap will remove stubborn stains.

Bare areas can be refinished with our Martexin Original Wax refinishing ointment and left to absorb for a day or so (a hair dryer will speed the process) which will restore the wax finish.

Darker shades are more successful than lighter shades in not showing soiling.

To be completely satisfied with the performance of your Martexin Original Wax, there are several important issues to remember:

TRY water first with a slight brushing or scrubbing.
USE a little bar soap or flaked soap or Saddle soap, only if necessary, on specific areas only. Sometimes a small amount of ammonia will help.
NEVER use detergent, liquid or powdered.
NEVER dry clean as the powerful environmentally damaging chlorinated solvents will remove the finish.
SPARINGLY apply Martexin Original Wax refinishing ointment a little heat from a hair dryer always helps.
DON'T baby your Martexin Original Wax, wear it often, it is weather-tough.